Spoke too soon!

Seems a black eye does not always appear immediately. New Year’s Day lulled me into a false sense of security with no visible battle scars from my fight with the clothes stand. But 2nd Jan had a different ideas in mind as a awoke this morning to find a beautiful purple bruise stretching from my cheekbone to my tear duct. Lovely!

I’ve been wondering lately about our compulsion to partake in food and/or beverage on social occasions. Why does meeting with friends necessarily involve the consumption of coffee/lunch/dinner/drinks or any combination of the above? Why can’t we just meet for a chat? I satisfied this social more on two fronts today… coffee with Matt (that turned into a multi-hour chat-fest!) followed by picnic lunch with Kate at Terrigal. Not that I’m complaining. Good food and better company – a great way to pass the day!


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