Life is all about experiences. Experiences challenge us, they help us learn & grow. Stepping out of my comfort zone and into new experiences is what makes my world go round. Sometimes I learn my lessons from a first experience, sometimes it takes a little longer (much to the frustration of my friends!). But no matter how many experiences it takes or where my journeys lead me, I am on a constant path of learning from the world, and of learning from my experiences in the world.

I left the sunny shores of Australia with the intention of spending 6 months in England. 6 years & 6 months and 44 countries visited later I am still on the go, currently living in Paris. The most part of these years were passed in chaotic singledom, but these days I am dating a lovely man who is very important to my life here in Paris, and whom I affectionately refer to as the Froggy. No doubt he will feature frequently in my experiences.

At various times over the years, I have tried blogs & handwritten journals to record my experiences… to little success. This is something I don’t clearly understand as I love writing and it seems a shame to have had so many amazing experiences, from which I have learned so much, and not have shared them in written form.

And so the 1st January 2012 marks a turning point. I feel a new appreciation of everything that has gone before to create the person I am today and a determination to ensure that the wonderful experiences I have in my everyday life are captured both for myself, and to be shared with my wonderful friends and family. Let the games begin…


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