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Laugh Lots, Travel Often

The rise of the chain store across Europe is a trend I dislike immensely. Once upon a time, European cities were full of small local stores, reflecting the unique characteristics of the country and region, even the neighbourhood, in which they were situated. But they are becoming increasingly homogenous, an endless repetition of the same stores across and within cities. Wherever you are, you’re never far from a Zara or an H&M, allowing you to dress yourself in exactly the same way as every other fashion-conscious EU citizen.

Along with the cross-European chains, there is also an alarming rise in across-country chains, particularly when it comes to food. And nowhere is this trend more visible than when buying lunch in London. I have a lot of choice when I walk out of my office, as long as it’s a chain I’m after… Pret, Eat, Itsu, Pod. Actually, I don’t even…

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