Monthly Archives: August 2009

A Londoner at heart?

A disturbing realisation hit this morning as I reached my desk and smiled at the colleague who sits next to me… it was the first smile to grace my face with its presence all morning.

Which begs the question… am I turning into a Londoner?

Am I capable of spending 40 minutes on buses and trains in forced close contact with fellow human beings, making forced eye contact by way of apology as various body components collide, finding no humour in the situation? Surely not! I hereby serve myself with a wake-up call… get a smile on your dial or you’ll become one of them.

Project Smile-fest has officially commenced!


From the mouths of babes…

The words “I love you” hold a beauty that is difficult to explain. When spoken with sincerity, they have the power to create warmth and joy unparalleled by any other emotion in Western society. At the tender age of 29 I have heard these words many times from friends, family and lovers, in both honesty and unfortunately insincerity, and they are words I never tire of hearing when directed from the heart.

But, as lovely as these words are from an adult, when uttered by a child the beauty is transformed, intesified. Today my beautiful little cousin Breanna looked at me in complete sincerity and said “I love you Chel”. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard. So innocent, so heartfelt, so uncomplicated. Just the pure love of a child. Amazing.