New Year’s Resolution #9,257

As part of a seemingly endless series of New Year’s resolutions, I am embarking upon a new blog project. Last year’s adventures passed largely unrecorded and I am determined that this won’t happen again. Mind you, it is Day 1 and the enthusiasm is still in top gear… let’s see how long it lasts!

What is it about the start of the new year that creates such optimism for change? Why does it seem so much more appealing to make lifestyle adjustments on the 1st Jan rather than 15th July? I guess it’s the clean slate feeling, the knowledge that all the stuff-ups can be attributed to last year. This year it can be different…

So other differences 2009 will hopefully include… greater attention to being on time (a MASSIVE challenge), keeping fit & healthy, planning an amazing 30th celebration and ensuring 2009 is a year where priorities get sorted and I focus on achieving the things in life that are truly important to me. Oh, and making sure I pay NO attention to any losers who happen to cross my path!

The last addition to the resolutions list was added on New Year’s Eve… find a bunch of boys to play backyard cricket & football with! Our early-bird approach to festivities meant that the James St crew and I were hanging out at our park in Birchgrove for many hours… enough time for me to accidentally became involved in my first game of backyard cricket for about 4 years. It was awesome! I’d forgotten my appreciation of leather balls!

A great night was had by all. Music and dancing topped off by fireworks. What’s not to love? The celebration was made even better when Jak called from early morning Canadia to celebrate New Year’s Sydney-style!

The New Year did take a minor turn for the worse when it was only 2 hours old… a random injury from a falling aluminium clothes stand threatened to create a black eye… but looks like it was nothing an ice pack won’t fix.


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