Monthly Archives: October 2010

Lesson of the week

This week’s lesson is that even when working from home one should shower & dress as a normal human being would. This lesson has been learnt in two parts…

  1. When a prospective suitor turns up unannounced on your birthday with a massive bouquet of flowers and a lovely pair of leather gloves it is rather embarrassing to greet him with hair that looks as though it was freshly dipped in a vat of oil whilst sporting a mismatching tracksuit and smelling somewhat like a rough sleeper.
  2. When quickly ducking out to grab lunch in running clothes that pronounce even the slightest bump in the figure with hair untamed as nature intended it and a face like a blank canvas, completely devoid of cosmetic improvement, it is Murphy’s Law that one will run into the supremely HOT French neighbour for the first time.

And so, in order to avoid such situations in future, I officially pronounce that here endeth the sloth! It is time to banish the Coastal bogan & take lessons from the perfectly manicured, coiffured & maquillaged women of this town!

By the way, the flowers aren’t too shabby. If French men spoil women they’re not even dating like this for their birthday, I think I could get used to living in this country!