Monthly Archives: July 2009

Learning anyone?

Today saw a random adventure with Chook to Oxford. Stunningly beautiful with an academic history spanning back to the 1200s, this is one town where I would love to learn. Our guide for the day, Ursula, was wonderfully eccentric… entertaining, knowledgable and unfailingly quirky, she provided us with the low-down on everything from the history of the university to the lesser known fact that the British library is obliged to keep a copy of all materials published in the UK – books, newspapers, magazines – pornography included!

The colleges in Oxford are amazing, each with its own ornate chapel and grand, if somewhat gloomy, dining hall. The pick of the dining halls was that of Christ Church College… I now feel compelled to explore my witch heritage with a view to enrolling at Hogwarts! Our favourable impression of this college was assisted by finding a back entrance and escaping the entry fee.

Note to self for the day… grass in Oxford is a protected species! I received a stern reprimand for a close encounter with said grass, or lawn as it is more correctly known, as I attempted to improve the angle on a photo I was taking. Oops!

What first Sunday in July would be complete without a date with the TV? We found a pub showing the men’s final just as it reached a fifth and final set. Would history show that I’d seen the champion play on Centre Court on his road to victory in 2009? I had everything crossed for a Federer win and wasn’t disappointed as he triumphed over Roddick 16-14 in the decider.