A moment of gratitude

A blog post? Really??? Yes, really people. After a lengthy period of writer’s block, I am back. Certainly bigger (after a prolonged Parisian winter), and hopefully better than ever.

Tonight I had dinner with my new Aussie friend, the lovely R. She took me to a great Thai restaurant (that does yummy larb!) called Lao Siam on Rue de Belleville, conveniently located about a 10 minute walk from my house. I am yet to decide whether having Paris’ second Chinatown almost on my doorstep is a blessing or a curse!

One thing I know is definitely a blessing is living across the road from the beautiful Parc des Buttes Chaumont. On our way back home, we stumbled across this rather impressive sunset…

I completely succumbed to one of those amazing moments where I felt so incredibly lucky to be alive and to be able to appreciate such a magnificent gift from Mother Nature. And the joy of whipping out my camera and capturing the moment, knowing that I could then share it with others, for me just added to the magic.


One response to “A moment of gratitude

  • Susan McCarthy

    So glad to see you back in the ‘saddle’ so to speak, and I will encourage you no end because these days I have been recollecting my own travel adventures. I recently came across my old travel journals and letters home and between myself a a couple of others and am really grateful that they still exist in order to help me remember all the people, places and events that were tucked away in my memory. I’m currently transferring them into the computer because Im going to make iBooks out of them and add photos and so on and then they’ll be there for my Lovely Niece when I’m no longer here & she can enjoy them and so on. So, don’t underestimate the value of this writing. As you get older you will appreciate the value of it and its role in helping jog your memory of lots of ‘little’ incidents that make up the whole experience but which we don’t always remember immediately! Keep up the blog and the photos! Never consider a small visit to a shoe store a waste! Those shoes now have a story to tell! Love the style! I think it might be coming to a time when I might be ordering something from Paris? Mmmm let me think!

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