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Daylight robbery

One of my highest hopes for this blog is that I never become someone who complains constantly about their host country. My usual outlook on this matter is quite simply this… if you don’t like it, don’t stay!

However, I have a gripe with the European concept of daylight that I am going to express here… it’s 8am and it’s still pitch black! I’m being robbed of my daylight!!! (Oh please excuse the pun, haha).

A lack of morning daylight is far from my ideal situation… The alarm goes off. I groggily register the light in the room. Or lack thereof. Confusion arrives. “Why on earth did I set my alarm for 2am?” I check the alarm. Worst fears confirmed. It is actually 7am. Insert matchsticks in eyes. Drag myself out of bed, desperately awaiting the moment the sun appears and I actually feel like it’s time to be awake.

That moment today is scheduled to be 8:43. I await this time with eagerness… if the grey clouds would ever go away so I could actually see the sun! Oh, that’s right… commitment in place to not complain (overly) about my host country… maybe I shouldn’t have started on the subject of European winter!!!