Monthly Archives: September 2012

Border protection

I returned to France from England last night. The immigration guy gave me a cursory glace, flicked through the pages of my passport until he found a spare page and, click-click, the beloved sound of the stamp sealed my re-entry. Along for the ride, I had a plastic Sainsbury’s bag containing fresh berries, yoghurt, plentiful quantities of cheese and biscuits. Not an eyebrow was raised over the entry of either me or my foodstuffs into the country.

So imagine my surprise when I arrived home to find a letter from customs telling me they had halted my bridesmaid’s dress for Maz’s upcoming wedding at the border! Argh!!! The dress was sent with the best of intentions… to ensure that it actually fits and give me a chance to have it altered if needed. Why it attracted this unwanted attention I will never know, but given that we only have a short turnaround time between now and my departure for Thailand, this hold up was not what was needed. Grrr.