Flight #1 2009

Is it possible that today truly marked the start of my new year? Whilst my first flight for 2009 was relatively unremarkable, I can’t let it pass without comment… with work finishing up at the end of February and the rest of the year completely unplanned, hovering 35,000ft over our vast brown land gave me some time to ponder the year ahead. Conclusion: I’m not expecting to challenge the unprecedented number of flights taken last year (somewhere in the realm of 50) but 2009 holds a fair amount of potential for close encounters with the sky gods, if I get my act into gear and start planning.

Whilst reflecting on flights past & future, I was struck by the nonchalance with which I now approach flying. Once a terrifying but exciting adventure, boarding an aeroplane is now more often a means to an end rather than an end itself. With the possible exception of business class on the A380!

Whilst my newfound hermit tendencies left me feeling somewhat unenthused about the prospect of another Melbourne adventure in the lead up, the weather’s shaping up to be fantastic and I’m hoping it will be just what the doctor ordered to force me out of my lethargy…


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