A mixed bag

Friday night Maz & I took on the F3 to farewell the visiting Gav at Bungalow 8. Where by random coincidence, PB happened to be… Sydney can be a small little town!

Headed down to Woy Woy to check out Bro K’s cricket on Sat but unfortunately a wet wicket saw him back in the pavilion before I even arrived. Dinner with the ever wonderful Holmes family in yet another new location. They move house just about more often than I change underwear! K’s little girl is soooo cute! J & I met up with S, his brother & Scandinavian girl and headed to Bluetongue Stadium for the Mariners v Roar game. Mariners lost. Not happy. Back to Terrigal Pub for some consolatory beers.

It’s been really fun having friends visit lately. Showing them around has made me appreciate the Coast in a way I never really have before. It’s a beautiful place, my homeland. Filled with bogans, but beautiful. Rach joined the recent list of visitors on Sunday and we had a lovely arvo/evening. There’s something therapeutic for the soul in sitting down with a girlfriend over a glass of wine and attempting (with or without success!) to solve each other’s woes.

Tonight Maz, Bro K & I headed to Homebush to see NSW beat Tassie in the KFC Big Bash. A good night’s entertainment, made somewhat more amusing when I gave the guys sitting next to me an inside tip for a sledge on Bailey that went down a treat… had him shaking his head, clearly wondering how on earth anyone knew about the incident in question!


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