A bit of straight talking never hurt anyone

Had dinner with my mate Rob last night and he set me straight on a few matters relating to boy behaviour. As much as some of it sucked to hear, it was exactly what I needed. I had truly underestimated the extreme lengths men will go to in order to achieve certain ends. Dishonesty and manipulation I would have credited them with but forward-planning was certainly not on my list of boy strengths! The lesson was extremely useful and very well-timed for meeting 2009 with a fresh approach to interaction with the unfairer sex.

On another positive note, the restaurant/cocktail bar Rambutan in Darlinghurst is quite a gem. Delicious cocktails followed by quality Thai cuisine in cosy surrounds, accompanied by some of the best service I have ever received. Not to mention the incredibly easy-on-the-eye clientele. A definitively successful foray all round.

On the short drive back to the Coast, I called past Ben’s farewell at The Ranch in Eastwood. I have never felt so senior citizen-like in my life! Aside from Ben, Gav & co, I was easily 10 years older than everyone else in the drunken, pubescent, fluoro-coloured crowd. And to make matters worse, they were playing “retro” music, dating waaaaay back… to my teenage days! An emotionally scarring experience that possibly won’t be forgotten soon. But the boys were in heaven surrounded by all the youngsters. It’s been nice (if somewhat surreal) having them in Oz for the last couple of weeks and they will be missed when they head back to the other side.


2 responses to “A bit of straight talking never hurt anyone

  • jak

    Oh dear, the Ranch. My one concern if I make it home for the wedding of the year? Ending up at the Ranch afterwards since it’s just down the road!!

  • Chel

    Apparently that’s the plan! I was voicing my concerns to Mel re: the youthful nature of the crowd but she assures me it’s different on a Friday night…

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