China, Borneo, Cambodia… here I come!

FINALLY made decisions about where to head on my next adventure! Rob’s been living in Beijing for at least 18 months, probably more, and I’ve been promising to visit the whole time. But it’s taken the fact that he’s leaving at the end of April to finally spur me to action!

So, Renae and I are heading to Beijing first then to Borneo to climb Mt Kinabalu. Then who knows where? Am hoping to meet up with Ev at some point. And definitely want to make it to Phnom Penh to check out whether it’s somewhere I can see myself living or not. That’s if I’m even offered a position!

So, it’s sorted (to an extent) and I’m excited! Have been running round the house like an idiot this afternoon telling my family over and over again “I’m going to China. I’m going to Borneo. I’m going to Cambodia. Woohoo!” Renae, you may wish you never got yourself into this!


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