What is a date?

I believe I am going on a date tonight. My first date in 3 years. One might look at this stat and form the opinion that I’m out of practice. But when you consider that this would be only the 5th “first date” of my entire 29 years of existence, it takes things to a whole new level… we’re clearly looking at someone who is horrendously inexperienced in the dating game here!

While I’m sure I’ll manage the basics… no bodily functions at the dinner table, no vomit stories, no longing gazes at the supremely hot waiter… I’m not sure of the code of conduct on other matters. I mean, at what point in the getting to know you game do I casually mention that I have an ex-husband?!? Will try to leave that one off the list of conversation topics for tonight! Hehe.


5 responses to “What is a date?

  • Ev

    Actually, Sam just blogged about this yesterday!! Interesting read…to be honest, I’ve never even thought to ask a date whether he’d been married before. When would it ever come up in conversation??

  • Chel

    Hmmm, the article was quite interesting. I was actually getting to know a guy in Melbs last year and never heard from him again after the ex-husband revelation… Coincidence? I think not. To be honest, I’d always tell someone sooner rather than later because if it’s something that does bother them, they’re not the kind of person I would want to be with anyway.
    I found reading through the posts after the article quite scary… I thought SMH readers were supposed to be a well-educated bunch? There’s clearly a lot of narrow-minded idiots out there. Enough to make the blood boil!

  • Ev

    I love reading through the comments!! It’s interesting to gauge the perceptions and perspectives of common people, and I find it really amusing to read the opposing views and see the justifications that people use. Quite a good social observation 🙂

  • Chel

    It is interesting but also scary… if some of the views expressed in the posts are those of the common people then chances are I’m heading for a life of singledom… these people seem to regard divorcees in a similar way to the general perception of lepers!
    I’ve been separated for 4.5 years and officially divorced for 3.5 years. That I have been married forms an important part of who I am but by no means defines me as a person. I was young and I made some bad choices. The lessons learnt will be beneficial to any future relationship I choose to embark upon.
    When I originally made the comment in my post, it was more in jest than anything. It’s not a subject I’ve really ever had any difficulty raising… I actually didn’t realise that there are people in the world who would view my experiences in such a negative light until I was reading through the SMH posts…

  • jak

    Meh, a disturbingly large number of the people who reply to Sam’s blog in particular are bitter, bitter people. It’s kind of weird, actually. Seriously? Take those posts with a grain of salt. Or fifty million grains 😉
    I’m in much the same situation as you, as you know, the whole concept of actually “dating” freaks me out!! I already can’t remember when I told the now-friends-only-boy about being D-I-V-O-R-C-E-D, but he didn’t care and I thought if anyone might it would be a 23 y.o.! Actually remind me and I’ll tell you what he actually said, as i don’t think it’s fair to post stuff like that on a public (if little read, hahahaha just kidding) blog! 😀

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